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What is the process? 
1. Browse the services offered and decide which service works best for you

2. Fill out a contact form and wait for a reply from a team member 

3. Pay your invoice

4. Retrieve your Introductory email that will outline what we need from you 

Is there someone I can reach out to throughout the process if I have concerns and/or questions? 

Once you purchase services, you have 100% access to the Owner/CEO via email and on some occasions Zoom or phone call. Calls without making an appointment first, will not be accepted.

I am unsure whether or not I would like to move forward. Can I have a free phone consultation first? 

Phone consultations are free of charge unless there is a major time zone difference. 

How long does it take for my services to be complete?

Please allow up to five business days AFTER you submit the necessary information/documentation to PauLee Resume Services. If you need your service completed in less than five business days, you will be charged an expedited fee of $150.00. 

Will I receive more than one draft of my Resume, Cover Letter, or Curriculum Vitae? 

You will only receive one final copy of your documents. However, you may request an editable copy of your documents at any time.

What about job seekers with a PHD, MD, or JD, DDS, DVM etc? 

If you have your PHD, MD, or JD you will have to choose our Curriculum Vitae package. If you do not disclose this during the sign up process, an additional invoice will be sent and services will not be complete until the invoice is paid.

I see you draft college essays, is this for college students with an essay as an assignment for a course? 

No. We only draft College Essays for college applicants.

The packages seem expensive is there a way to save? 

Yes. Please fill out a contact form and ask about the current sale. 

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