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How do you retrieve my information? 

Once payment is submitted, you will receive an introductory email outlining everything needed from you to move forward with your services.

Is there someone I can reach out to throughout the process if I have concerns and/or questions? 

Once you purchase services, you have 100% access to the Owner/CEO via email.  

I am unsure whether or not I would like to move forward. Can I have a phone consultation first? 

Yes. Please book a 15 minute discovery call for $25. 

What can I expect during the discovery call?

You can browse templates to see which one you like and ask any questions you may have. If you move forward with services, your $25 will be applied to the final cost of the service. For example, if you have a discovery call and choose a service that costs $100, your invoice will be sent for the amount of $75.

How long does it take for my services to be complete?

Please allow up to five business days AFTER you submit the necessary information to PauLee Resume Services. If you need your service completed in less than five business days, you will be charged an expedited fee of $150.00. 

Can revisions be made? 

 Yes. However if your revision request includes information that was not previously disclosed, there is a $75 fee for revisions.

Can I pay my invoice at a later time?

No. Payment is due upon receipt.

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